Secure Renters Insurance

I require all tenants to provide proof of renter's insurance, this type of policy can offer personal property and liability protection, even guest medical coverage.

Although initially perceived as an imposition, once I explain the benefits and very low cost, tenants are happy to make this small expense for their financial security.

Tenants are free to choose an insurance of their preference. In certain cases, this also reduces your risk of legal exposure as a property owner.

Monitor Property Insurance Coverage:

Part of what I do is monitoring insurance coverage and request periodic quotes, to make sure your property is always insured at the lowest cost with top rated insurers. Depending on the Plan you choose I can process everything for you when it's time to get or switch insurance.

Depending on your risk tolerance you may choose different types of coverage and I will help you decide what best fits your style. But if you have a mortgage on the property it is usually up to the lender what king of insurance your require.

Property Insurance Claims Processing

In the event of claims I always recommend hiring an insurance adjustor, who is a professional that works with the insurance company to make sure you get the most for your loss.

I will work with the adjustor to keep you current on the situation from start to finish. The adjustor fee usually is a percentage of what they were able to recover.

If you choose not to use an adjustor, you may handle the claims yourself directly with the insurance company, and I will assist you to the best of my abilities.