Rental Property Marketing

The first step to keep your property making money is not letting it go vacant. Broward County and Miami-Dade County are high demand rental markets. Therefore, if you follow my advice, and your property is priced right, clean, and well exposed, it will rent in a snap.

My amazing marketing program will attract great prospective tenants in the shortest time. I have identified the most effective tools, resources and techniques to make sure your property is occupied rapidly. When I list your property, it will have the presence you need to keep it productive. Only smart extensive and aggressive marketing gets this job done.

Listing Ahead

Your property is advertised at least 30 days before it goes vacant, this is usually enough time find a new tenant and move them in as soon as the old tenant leaves. I allow a couple of days of vacancy for repairs and cleaning as needed to prepare the property for the new tenant.


Appealing Images

Only great relevant images are used to showcase your property. Carefully considering angles, lighting, and subject makes the difference between a prospect scheduling a showing or skipping to the next listing. The objective is getting the greatest number of prospect to schedule a showing. The more tenant applications we receive, the higher the probability of receiving quality prospect tenants.


Prepared Showings

As time permits, I love to personally show your property to meet prospective tenants and to display your property in the best light possible. I even ready the property for their ears with the great relaxing music and soothing air fragrance to appeal to all their senses.

I follow up with every agent or potential tenant that has visited the property in the 24 hours followings the visit.

Kitchen bright


Even in the internet age, word of mouth is considered a highly effective marketing tactic. I take full advantage of this organic marketing tool every chance I get.

In School Activities

As a social mother of 2 kindergartners, you can be sure my fellow parents will know about your property being listed.


With Daily Contacts

On a daily basis I deal with other professionals in the real estate industry. I always find a chance to let them know about my available properties.

daily contacts

In Business Networks

As a member of BNI (Business Networks International) I have a weekly opportunity to share with other BNI members listed properties so they can spread the word to find a tenant.


Reaching Tenants Directly

To increase your chances of 50% OFF Rental Commission by reaching prospect tenants directly, I display your property in many real estate websites & social media.

Public Sites

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Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Your property will go viral once posted in my social network. I am a firm believer of word of mouth advertising. Nobody will rent your property faster than I can.

Reaching Realtors

All properties are listed for other realtors to see in Multiple Listing System (MLS)

Vital Info

All my listings shows the information any renter is looking for, such as:

  • School information
  • Property location map
  • Neighborhood information (
  • Crime statistics (

Professional Management Value

We emphasize your property is Professionally Managed.

This is an added value to any tenant A better service makes your property a more appealing choice to potential tenants, over owner managed properties.

If your property is currently listed with another broker, I do not intend to cause or induce a breach of an existing representation agreement.

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