Mail Handling

Depending on how you like to handle your correspondence you can benefit from several mail handling options. I recommend Forward Bills + Scan & Shred, for faster processing, this way I only receive what must be processed, without private or sensitive mail.

Capture Mail Options

Forward Bills

You set your mailing address to Deyfra's address for the vendors you want me to pay and manage.

Forward All

You forward all your mail with USPS.

Mailbox Collection

I collect your mail from your mailbox once a week. Add'l charges may apply.

Processed Mail Options

Scan & Shred

I scan and email you the processed correspondence. The hardcopies are shredded and recycled, and the amount of documents processed depends on your chosen Plan.

Return Original Hardcopy

I forward all your processed mail once a month to an address of your choice depending on your chosen Plan. Extra Postage and processing fees may apply depending on weight or if the delivery address is outside the continental US.

Special Mail Items Options

Oversize Packages

Packages other than envelopes and flats will be accepted and stored or processed for a fee that varies depending on package volume, weight, and term of storage plus the cost of postage or delivery.

Non-Property Correspondence

Any correspondence unrelated to your property is left unopened for your privacy and forwarded to you once a month. Chargers may apply depending on your chosen plan.