Condition Report

I take all noticeable factors in consideration to report on the issues that threaten the productivity of your investment property and safety of occupants as follows:

Side by side good vs bad condition

Occupancy Fitness

Noticeable issues that present safety concerns and health hazards are usually top priority as they represent a risk of liability exposure.

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Age and Condition

One important factor in determining the extent of my engagement in your property day to day needs is the property's age and condition. A 5 year old property, with newer appliances, plumbing and electrical, will require less time to manage than a 25 year old property where wear and tear and some maintenance issues may have been postponed or overlooked.

Maintenance Status

Any apparent maintenance issue will be brought to your attention. These left unattended may turn into hefty repair bills, or be grounds for violation fees from local government authorities, and HOA or  Condominiums.

The proper upkeep of any property is in great part responsible for increasing the future value and its rental income potential even beyond that of its peers.

Disclosure: The Property condition report is not a home inspection. You may hire a licensed home inspector if you want a  home inspection.