Property Conditioning

When we start working together your property may need extra time to shine and reduce legal exposure. Property Conditioning addresses the issues I presented in the property Condition Report. If you are wondering why you should consider property conditioning, here is the answer:

Fetch Top Rent

When I recommend that a property needs conditioning, it is because it needs it in order to make top rent for you, and attract better tenants. A well conditioned property ensures its safe, efficient and successful management.

money and safety


If you decide not to do the recommended property conditioning, the Occupancy Fitness recommendations will have to be addressed since these items deal with the safety and health of occupants.

How much is Prop. Cond?

Cost of Repairs

I send out to contractors all items you agree need fixing for quotes or bidding to determine the cost of all work needed.

gutter repair

Cost of Overdue Maintenance

If needed will also request estimates for interior and exterior cleaning, lawn care, and other overdue maintenance items.

cleaning lady

Cost to Manage the Process

The Property Conditioning Fee depends on the time I need to manage the process.  Keep in mind my Property Conditioning Fee is for managing, not for performing repairs and maintenance.

on the phone

Can I do the Property Conditioning myself?

Yes you can do it yourself, hire your contractors, send out and compare bids, schedule the work with contractors, tenants, and inspectors. And I can help you if you have some questions, as long as I am not actively involved in managing the Property Conditioning.

Do you request the estimates?

If you decide you want me to manage the Property Conditioning, I will prepare for all specs required to accomplish this and send out estimate or bid requests to vendors.

If you want to send a bid request to your contractor, I'll be happy to include them after they register with me.

Do you charge regular mgmt. fee during Property Conditioning?

No, if your property is vacant during the Property Conditioning  process I will not charge the regular management fee for the first month, this is more than enough time to address almost any issue.