Records Management

Maintaining and organizing all relevant Property, Owner, Tenant & Vendor Records is key to managing a property successfully. Maintaining all records relevant to property can be challenging for most, and is time consuming.

I make sure all property relevant information such as contact information, contracts, agreements, proposals, invoices, received rent, warranties, past repairs, payments, just to name a few, are always be within reach to facilitate making efficient and effective decisions when needed.

Owner’s Online Portal

The Owner's Online Portal is a time saving powerful tool that helps run your business better and smoother. Run your properties On the Go. Access critical financial data in real time. Enjoy increased organization to manage your investment more efficiently. All this means more money in your pocket. Inside the portal you will find:

  • Access to financials:
    • Bills
    • Owner ledger
    • Property account
    • Cash or accrual basis
  • Property information
    • Property summary
    • Property pending tasks
    • Incoming tenant requests
    • Property event history

  • Leases information
    • Lease summary
    • Current tenant
    • Property pending tasks
    • Tenant event history
  • Tenant information
    • Contact and personal information
    • Emergency contact
    • Vehicle information
    • Lease summary and documents
    • Application
  • Review pending rental applications
  • Export data to CSV file
  • Download documents (leases, renewals, walk through reports, etc.)
  • Download reports

Contact Logging

All important communications to and from the owner, vendors, and tenant, such as meetings, emails, correspondence, and messages are kept and stored in the property file.

Appliance Tracking

A service that will protect you against personal property damages, appliance swapping, among others is to keep an inventory of your appliances and their warranties. These records will also help you and your accountant with filing Tangible Personal Property Tax obligations.

7 Yr. Electronic Record Storage.

Records are stored electronically, and available at your portal. Some records are only available upon request.