Full Vendor Screening

A complete screening of certain vendors (Registered) is done to make sure only qualified, law abiding people can work at your property. This also provides a level of safety and comfort to your tenants when vendors have to work inside the property.

A vendor is screened to determine, availability, experience, specialty, and good standing in the community, local and state government.

All licenses and ID's expiration dates are checked for active status. All ID names and business names are cross-referenced with those in licenses.

Tradesmen, Handymen, Maintenance Workers

  • Contact Information, Location, Business hours
  • Time in business
    • How long have they been in business?
    • How long have they been in the current location?
    • Where were they located before?
  • Job references: Job references tell you a lot about a company. I request each vendor a list of recent job references, of which I randomly call a few for verification.
  • Identification records
    • Social Security or FEIN, (used for tax reporting purposes)
    • Driver's License
  • Local Civil and Criminal history
    • County records
    • Clerk of Courts records

Licensed Contractors Screening

In addition to the information above, when dealing with licensed contractors I verify the following:

  • Florida Department of Business Professional Regulation: Trade license status verification
  • Florida Department of State: Registration status verification
  • Business Ratings: Better Business Bureau rating
  • Insurance: Verify liability coverage
  • Bonding: Verify bond agency and amount