Vendor Choice is Yours

I make the recommendation, but you decide who works in your property.

Deyfra’s Registered Vendors

I require certain vendors to register with my business in order to do a full screening. With my portfolio of licensed contractors and skilled handyman I can offer you a full range of proven and experienced professionals at your service. All major contracting is done with specs and bidding by at least 3 qualified contractors. Some of these registered vendors are:

  • Tradesmen & Handymen
  • Maintenance people
  • Licensed contractors

Your Contractors

You may also choose a handyman or contractor that you have worked with before, just keep in mind if you want me to manage your contractors they will have to register with to participate in the bidding process. Registering them also helps determine if they are in compliance with all regulations.

Non Registered Vendors.

Depending on your chosen plan, as part of the day to day operations I also engage with other vendors but because of the nature of their business and associations it is unnecessary to screen them. For example:

  • Utility vendors
  • HOA & Condominium
  • Building inspectors
  • City departments
  • Insurance Companies and Agents