The Lease

Offer Review & Advice

I perform a methodical review of all submitted offers prior to forwarding them to the owner along with the Tenant Screening, and my recommendation for final decision.

Lease Negotiation

Having an experienced intermediary negotiating your next lease, not only saves you time but it can make the difference between closing a great business deal or a not so great one. I am the intermediary that aims to get you top rent and top quality tenant.

Renters Insurance

As a standard mandatory term in all my leases, a tenant has to provide Renters Insurance. This is of great benefit to tenant and owner. See more in Insurance.

Lease Preparation

All my lease agreements use the Residential Lease provided by Florida Realtors Association, that has been approved by the Supreme Court of Florida, ensuring that the terms in the agreement are consistent with the law.

Once the Lease is signed get ready to relax while I take care of your property.

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